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#9890959 Aug 17, 2014 at 04:29 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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As everyone has heard, Warlords of Draenor finally has a release date of the 13th of November! With that comes some expectations that I put upon you all if you wish to start raiding with us in Warlords.

First of all, I expect you all to be raid ready (be in gear that you can get from heroic dungeons and such, not questing greens). Also be sure to enchant your gear and put the correct gems in your gear when it is possible as not all gear will have gem sockets like they do now.

Second, make sure you have the updated Ventrilo information, it can be found on the guild information tab in-game. Also make sure you have you addons that you wish to raid with updated.

I expect everyone to show up to raid 15 minutes prior to invites going out, if you cannot make it due to travel time from work that is fine.

Raid attendance will be as follows; 75% raid attendance over a period of a month. Missing one or two raid nights for something that comes up in real life is understandable, not everyone can be there for every single raid night.

Also know that loot will be distributed among the raid on a Need/Greed basis. Please allow loot to be distributed among the raid members, one person getting all the loot doesn't help the raid progress further.

If you cannot make it to raid one night due to a specific reason, feel free to post it on the guild site or message me in game and let me know. Sometimes it is a sudden change of plans, if that is the case... for anyone in the United States, you can text me at (612) 208-4726. For any of our Canadian raiders, you can always email me at I always am checking my email/texts during the day so I will make sure to respond in a timely manner.

If you have an issue with something we are doing, bring it up to me and i will address it. We are all here to progress through the content.

Can't wait to raid with you all!

#9891093 Aug 17, 2014 at 05:11 PM
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I am the boss, and I approve this message!

I can't promise I will be able to raid regularly this coming expansion, and for that reason I'm very grateful that James aka Nosim/Mison has stepped up to be responsible for organizing our raiding efforts.

Please help make his job easier by having a fun, positive, and adult attitude towards him and your fellow raiders. We are all adults and are capable of creating and enjoyable environment during the raids, and in the guild in general. One negative comment during the raid can damage a frustrating situation beyond repair, while one positive and encouraging comment can help move efforts forward and could be the difference needed to get that boss kill :)

Your contributions to the guild bank in raw materials, flasks, food, enchants etc. are greatly appreciated, and if you need help obtaining anything in game to help progress your raiding please ask, we want to help as much as possible. The more we prepare in advance, the more we can focus our time on raid nights on the raid encounters.

If I can be of assistance please let me know, I will try to be accessible as possible.



#10167795 Oct 18, 2014 at 09:20 PM
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I'm game :D .. work right now is Friday - Monday so the weekends might be a tad harder to do... The weekdays are more or less open.

What are you thinking as far as days, times and difficulty?
#10211540 Oct 28, 2014 at 08:57 PM
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Raid days won't change from what they were in Mists of Pandaria, I.E. we will raid Monday through Wednesday, 9 pm EST until Midnight EST. as for difficulty, I expect us to clear through the Heroic content (old Normal) and if we happen to have enough people interested and can make a 20 man team for it, maybe go in once a week and try Mythic out. That is only viable if we can make a 20 man group though, it is not a flexible raid size like the other raid difficulties
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